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Bharatha Kesari Mannath Padmanabhan



Sri. Mannath Padmanabhan was a legendary personality who dedicated his life to the upliftment of the society and Nair community. He was born in Perunna, on 02 January 1878 AD, which is a small town in Kerala.

Nair Service Society [NSS], which was formed by Mannam and other social workers is now head quartered in Changanachery, which is a small town is Kerala. Sri. Eswaran Namboodiri of Nilavana Illam was his father and his mother was, Chiramuttathu Parvathy Amma. He was the leader of the famous "Vimochana Samaram" and was the forefront fighter against the social injustice that was in force at that time. He dedicated his life in 1915, for the upliftment of the Nair Community. He established, expanded and enriched the Nair Service Society and served the society as its Secretary for 31 years and as President for three years. Mannam Passed away on 2nd February 1970.

Padma Bhushan. Bharatha Kesari Mannathu Padmanabhan

Mannathu Padmanabhan started as a teacher in 1893 in a Government Primary School [Kanjirapally Govt. School], at the age of 16. In 1905, he started practising law in the Magistrates Courts and soon became a leading member of the Bar.

In 1914 "Nair Bhruthya Janasangham" was formed to organise and bring social upliftment of Nair community. In 1915 he gave up a lucrative practice and became full-time secretary of the Nair Service Society [Nair Bhruthya Janasangham] that had been started at his initiative. In 1924 he took part in the Vaikkom [30-03-1924] and Guruvayoor temple-entry and lead the famous "Savarna Jadha" in 01-10-1924, an anti-untouchability agitation.
In 30-07-1925, Nair Service Society was registered under the Indian Company act and on 1st of November 1929 he lead the famous "Guruvayoor Sathyagraham"

In 1901 Mannathu Padmanabhan married Mechettu Kalyani Amma, but she expired in 1912.

In 15-05-1932, Mannam married "Thottakkattu Madhavi Amma", who was the daughter of Diwan Peshkar of Cochin and was the first lady member of the Cochin legislative council. Thottakkattu Madhavi Amma, was the daughter of the Diwan Peshkar (Chief Minister) of Kingdom of Cochin and famous Malayalam poetress Thottakkattu Ikkavamma.

Madhavi Amma herself a writer of many books, wrote famous malayalam books like "Thathvachinda" etc.

In 11-02-1950 Mannam renamed himself as "Padmanabhan" removing the sir name, stating that cast should not be a dividing factor amongst the human beings. In 09-08-1959, the President of India, for his outstanding and unselfish social works gave him "Bharatha Kesari" [Lion of India] sir name. He was also awarded the "Padmabhushan" in 26-01-1966, by the Government of India.

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Mannathu Padmanabhan in the History of Kerala.

Mannam became a member of the Indian National Congress in 1947 and took part in the Travancore State Congress agitation against Sir C.P Ramaswamy Iyers administration in Travancore.
In 1949 Padmanabhan became a member of the Travancore Legislative Assembly.
In 1959 he led a united opposition against the State Communist Ministry which had become unpopular ["Vimochana Samaroam"]. This ultimately resulted in inviting President's rule to Kerala. This has made him the only leader in the world to bring down a Communist Government by public and democratic movement.

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Nair Service Society

During all these years the Nair Service Society had his constant attention and selfless service. It had now grown into a powerful organisation with a vast membership, substantial finances and various welfare activities.

Besides looking after NSS, Mannam wrote many articles, an autobiography, and a travel book, Our Trip to the Federal Malay States[FMS]. His style was virile, forthright and very effective. He also set up colleges, schools, hospitals and industrial units. In appreciation of his valuable services the President of India awarded him the title "Bharata Kesari".

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